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APB’s Executive Business Coaches have worked one-on-one with thousands of building company owners, helping them systemise their businesses and increase net profits.

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Headshot of Andy Skarda, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Andy Skarda

Head Coach

Headshot of Clint Best, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Clint Best

Executive Business Coach

Headshot of Jacob Oelefse, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Jacob Oelofse

Executive Business Coach

Headshot of Rick Moore, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Rick Moore

Executive Business Coach

Headshot of Adriana Cecere, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Adriana Cecere

Executive Business Coach

about our coaches

Andy Skarda

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I transitioned from a legal career to business over 30 years ago.

I was a director of a property development company while still in my 20s, and since then I have owned and led businesses in South Africa, the United States, South-East Asia, and for the last decade, Australia.

I struggled with the realities of running a profitable business until I realised two key factors: all businesses can be broken down into five functional disciplines, and success comes from creating, developing, and repeating successful systems.

Driven by this, I became an Executive Business Coach at the Association of Professional Builders, helping building industry business owners succeed without returning to school or going bust.

I have two grown sons and four growing granddaughters, I’m a passionate rugby union supporter, I love scuba diving, and deliberately falling out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft from time to time.

“andy's been like my shoulder to cry on, my rock to yell at, everything, the whole way along.”

Ryan Stannard, Stannard Family Homes

A construction business coach presenting to a group of building company owners
A business coach at a whiteboard showing a builder a strategic plan

Clint Best

Kelowna, BC, Canada

My professional career began in Canada, after graduating from business school, I managed several department stores before joining Duty-Free Shoppers (DFS) Group, the world’s largest travel retailer in 1995.

During my eight years with DFS, I oversaw various aspects of business in Asia and the United States, including construction and locations with up to $200,000,000 in sales.

I ventured into business coaching in 2002, eventually earning recognition as Canadian Coach of the Year in 2006. In 2007, I founded Kaizen Business Development, specialising in coaching business owners in Canada and the United States, primarily in the building industry.

One of my core values is continuous improvement. Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of self-awareness and personal responsibility for achieving desired results in both business and life.

In January 2021, the Association of Professional Builders acquired my coaching company, and I joined their team as an Executive Business Coach.

I currently reside in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, with my wife Angie and our two adult children, Theo and Dia.

“Clint Best is true to his last name, he is the best. Only a few months in and already can't believe we ran our business without the information we've been given so far!”

Joel Wilson, White Elm Design Build


Albury, NSW, Australia

Hi, I'm Jacob, an Executive Business Coach specialising in the residential building industry. I've had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, starting my own businesses at just 15 years old. Over the years, I've owned and operated various types of businesses in the retail, service, and trade sectors. In fact, I've successfully built up and sold over five businesses in the last decade.

Throughout my career, I've worked as a business advisor, assisting clients from diverse industries. During those 11 years, I had the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients, providing them with valuable guidance. I made the exciting move to Australia with my family, where I've honed my expertise in the residential building industry as an executive business coach.

In my role, I've had the privilege of supporting numerous builders managing building companies of all sizes. From smaller one-man businesses to teams with over 50 members, I've helped them achieve remarkable results, with revenues ranging from 1 million to over $20 million annually. My focus has been primarily on financial management, marketing, and systems implementation. I find it fascinating how these aspects interconnect in business and how marketing influences sales, which, in turn, provides valuable data for financial management systems. But what truly captivates me is the overall process of systemisation within a company, as it allows for strategic direction and goal setting.

One of my greatest strengths lies in working with people. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with and challenging business owners to help them achieve their goals. Together, we define their ideal future and set up benchmarks and milestones to track progress along the way. Witnessing the success of residential building company owners has been incredibly inspiring, and it's what drives me every day.

My skill set and experience make me well-suited to assist business owners on their journey to success. Whether it's optimising financial strategies, enhancing marketing efforts, or implementing efficient systems, I'm here to provide expertise and guidance. The residential building industry is competitive, but with my support, businesses can thrive and achieve their desired outcomes.

I am a dad of two beautiful girls and married to a loving wife. As a family, we love being outdoors, hiking, kayak fishing, and being in nature.

"Joining APB and having Jacob as our mentor has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made."

Stephanie & Jeremy Nudd, Buildmast Constructions

A business coach excited by the results they have achieved for their building company clients

Rick Moore

Calgary, AB, Canada

My business journey spans four decades, where I've excelled in financial and advisory roles across various companies. My forte lies in visualising potential and leading organisations to transformative success.

I've co-founded a private equity firm, facilitating acquisitions that earned industry recognition. My leadership has extended to sectors like private equity and financial technology. As the CEO of the Canadian division of the world's largest business coaching company, I achieved remarkable growth.

As an Executive Business Coach, I'm committed to catalysing change and unlocking potential in every client.

Outside of work, I'm an author, speaker, and a judge for the Canadian SME Business Awards. I hold a CEPA designation in exit planning.

I proudly call Calgary, Alberta, my lifelong home. I'm devoted to my family and embrace challenges, having completed two Ironman Canada races and the New York and Chicago marathons.

"Rick is an expert at laying out the game plan and preparing us for the task at hand. He does it all with a steady manner and holds us accountable at every stage, as we progress towards our goals."

Business Owner, Canada

Photo of Rick Moore, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders
Photo of Adriana Cecere, an Executive Business Coach at The Association of Professional Builders

Adriana Cecere

Sydney, NSW, Australia

My journey in business started as a 17 year old business owner. Three decades on I have started, developed and sold multiple self owned enterprises.

When I was 20 years old, I designed and constructed my first residential property, and have been active in personal building projects since. About 15 years ago, my business journey took an organic pathway into consulting and then coaching SMEs globally, this continues to give me great delight here at The Association of Professional Builders as I can combine my skills and passions together to support others.

I am a published author of an Amazon best selling book, and have received many accolades over the years including for Global Leader for Excellence in Innovation in Consulting in London. Since my early 20s I have been dedicated to improving my skills, knowledge and mindset through self education and formal education, I have studied Business, Finance, Marketing, Coaching and NLP.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking and going to the gym. I am a wife to my life long partner of over 25 years, we have 2 young very lively children. We enjoy good food, entertaining, long lunches with great people, nature walks, outdoors, time at the beach and the simple things in life!

how to find the right coach for you

Not all coaches are created equal, especially when it comes to guiding a custom home building company to long-term success. There are some things you simply can’t afford to learn as you go…

Avoid Generalists

General business coaches who coach lawyers, dentists, trades, and everything in between do not have the specific industry knowledge required to help you with your building company.

Accountants Are Not Coaches

Accountants are incredibly valuable. However, they are not business coaches and do not have the ability to guide you through the rollercoaster of running a successful building company. Let your accountant and/or lawyer stick to their purpose and seek out an industry expert.

Review Their Track-Record

How many custom home builders like you have they really helped? Do they have video success stories, Facebook reviews, Google reviews and the credibility to back it up?

Meet With Them

Before committing to any long-term plan with a coach, meet them online via a video meeting, like Zoom. Ensure they really understand your building company, what your unique challenges are, where you can improve and make sure you like each other.

Ensure They Challenge You

A good coach will never shy away from asking the tough questions. They are there to challenge you and your thought process so that you transform into the business owner you need to be as your building company grows.

Ensure You Like Each Other

You’ll be spending at least a few years working together (the sales cycle is so long it can take 12+ months to see the change in profit from the work you do today). So ensure you like your coach enough to meet with them regularly.

Be Honest With Yourself

Working with a great building industry-specific coach can only take you so far. Ensure you are ready to put in the work required to get the results you’ve read about. It will take discipline, time and energy. Not only that, it will force you to get uncomfortable in order to achieve great things. Be ready for this type of challenge.

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