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Is elite mentoring for you?

To qualify for Elite Mentoring, you must must be nominated for consideration by one of APB’s Executive Business Coaches, be at least a Level 4 on the Professional Builder Levels, and have successfully implemented all of the basic Financial Management tools of the KPI Dashboard.

You already have a successful and profitable building company but want something more

Your annual revenue is over $10M, and you have a $25K+ monthly marketing budget

You are hungry for fast results and willing to put in the extra hours

You want a happier and more secure family life

You want to grow your building company and have more discretionary time without negatively affecting your bottom line

You want to eliminate bottlenecks in your business and build a team that rallies behind your vision

You’re looking to take more holidays and create a succession plan

You are willing to commit to a 12-month Elite Mentoring contract

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FAQs About Elite Mentoring

Will Elite Mentoring work for me?

If you’re unsure if Elite Mentoring will work for you, you might find Ryan Stannard’s story interesting. He says himself, if he can do it then anyone can!

Before Ryan joined APB, his building company was struggling. He was working long hours, sacrificing time with his family, and not making any money.

"I spent 10 years leaving home at four or five o'clock in the morning and not returning until six or seven o'clock at night - not seeing my family, not seeing my kids, and they were the years where I was making no money!"

Five years ago, Ryan decided to join APB, soon starting Business Coaching and later moving into Elite Mentoring.

"I wanted to get stuff happening as fast as I could, and the best way to do that was to meet with my coach weekly. That's elevated us to where we are today."

Ryan was the first of our Elite Mentoring clients to reach Certified Professional Builder status in the Professional Builder Levels, proving that with the right skills, support, and dedication to improving your business, it is possible to reach 10% net profit and a $500K salary.

"For anyone who is thinking about joining Elite Mentoring, if they look at the Levels, they would probably think, ‘geez, that is absolutely impossible’, but it's truly not. I'm living proof of that."

Who is eligible for Elite Mentoring?

Elite Mentoring is only suitable for Business Coaching clients who have achieved a minimum of Level 4 on the Professional Builders Levels, have an annual revenue over $10M, and have a $25K+ monthly marketing budget. As well as being hungry for fast results and willing to put in the extra hours, you need to be nominated by one of APB’s Executive Business Coaches to apply for Elite Mentoring.

How is Elite Mentoring different?

Elite Mentoring is designed to provide a tailored and comprehensive approach to address the diverse aspects of your life and business. By shifting from monthly to weekly coaching, we delve deeper into your challenges, set more focused goals, and provide more personalised support. This partnership aims to integrate your personal and professional life.

We will explore strategies to enhance your leadership skills, improve decision-making, optimise time management, strengthen your relationships, and prioritise self-care - all while driving the growth of your business.

Who will be my Elite Mentoring coach?

Your Elite Mentoring coach will most likely be your current APB Executive Business Coach, but we will work closely with you to identify your objectives and the most appropriate coach to help you achieve your goals. 

How will I find the time?

APB’s Elite Mentoring clients see their coaching sessions as the most important meetings of their week. These sessions are the first items they schedule in their calendars, and they build the rest of their week around this priority. Because they are prioritising the growth and systemisation of their business so they can create freedom and leverage in the future. 

Elite Mentoring on the Professional Builders Secrets podcast
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Create Leverage, Move Faster, Fulfil Your Dreams

If you want to start taking more time off, create a succession plan, and still continue growing the profitability of your building company, Elite Mentoring could be for you. Schedule a call with the APB team to see if you are ready for the next step.