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Who is Business Coaching For?

You are the owner or director of a residential building company specialising in custom homes

Your annual revenue is between $3M - $10M, and you have a $7.5K+ monthly marketing budget

You may have worked with a generalist business coach in the past and were underwhelmed with the results

You consider yourself a high-performer and want to achieve more

You have a growth mindset and are willing to put in the work

You want to be held accountable to your goals

You’re not afraid to invest money into marketing your building company

You’re open-minded and ready to trust the process

Benefits of business coaching

grow without you working longer hours

Lay the foundations that allow your building company to grow without you working longer hours.

Proven system for custom home builders

Start scaling your building company safely and securely by following a proven system for custom home builders.

Attract better quality leads

Learn how to attract better quality leads by using a marketing strategy that speaks directly to your ideal client, while repelling the time-wasters.

Convert more of your opportunities

Discover how you can convert more of your opportunities into high margin contracts by implementing a proven sales process without any high pressure sales tactics.

Make better decisions faster

Make better decisions faster by knowing exactly, down to the last cent, how much profit your building company is making and how much you need to hold in cash reserves every month.

Unlock the value of your bulding company

Unlock the true value of your building company by turning it into a desirable asset that can be sold for a multiple of annual profits.

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FAQs About APB’s Business Coaching

Will Business Coaching work for me?

Not sure if Business Coaching will work for you? We have dozens of documented case studies of success from Business Coaching clients that have systemised their businesses, improved their margins, and created a life and business they are proud of. You can watch many of these case studies here.

How is Business Coaching different from Membership?

Business Coaching provides one-on-one guidance and accountability from an experienced construction business coach. You also get access to exclusive training resources, such as APB's KPI Dashboard, which isn't available in Membership.

How quickly will I see results?

You’ll experience some immediate wins in terms of clarity of business direction, productive use of your time, and a feeling of relief that you know what you are doing works. As you work closely with your business coach on the many leading indicators that improve your business, including generating the right leads, improving your sales process, and implementing industry-standard margins on your projects, you’ll make incremental improvements that start to show considerable business impacts in around 12 months.

Who will be my coach?

Your coach will be handpicked from APB’s list of experienced Executive Business Coaches based on your goals and challenges so that their experience is perfectly suited to help you navigate the next part of your journey.

How will I find the time for coaching sessions?

APB’s highest-performing clients plan their entire calendar around their one-on-one Business Coaching sessions. They prioritise this time because it holds them accountable to move forward in their business and achieve their goals, including earning more, taking more holidays, and creating a sustainable business. If you don’t prioritise time to learn and improve, you’ll stay stagnant and put your building company at risk of external market factors.

Unlock The True Value Of Your Building Company

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