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I'm Paul Vespia, the owner of Hill & Harbor Design Build. With a dedicated team of seven, we're on track to achieve about five million dollars in construction this year, marking our sixth year in the business.

My journey with APB began in 2020, three years after I started my company. At that time, it was mostly me, with the help of three outside consultants, managing the bulk of our projects. The workload was immense, and I felt the pressure of every decision.

Facing the Challenges Head-On

Before working with APB, my biggest struggle was the inconsistency in our product delivery. Despite our best efforts, we lacked a systematic approach that could guarantee the same level of quality and efficiency from project to project. It was this frustration that led me to seek out a solution, one that would not only address our immediate challenges but also set us up for long-term success.

A Systematic Transformation

Since joining APB, we've undergone a significant transformation. We've developed a series of systems that have revolutionised the way we run projects, from the initial client meeting to the final closeout. It's been a journey of two years, starting with the membership program and evolving into the elite mentoring partnership we're engaged in today. The guidance and support I've received from APB have been instrumental in this growth.

The APB Difference: Touchpoints and Mentorship

One of the game-changers for us has been the increased touchpoints with APB. I have the privilege of speaking with Andy four times a month, which has been extremely valuable. Upgrading to elite mentoring was a significant step for us, but one that I believe has been incredibly beneficial. The personalised guidance and insights I receive are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of Hill & Harbor, making all the difference in our strategic planning and execution.

A Professional Builder's Perspective

If I were to pinpoint the most valuable aspect of our partnership with APB, it's the direct access to knowledge and experience derived from working with over 700 clients worldwide. This global perspective, combined with the personalised mentorship, has provided me with insights and strategies that I wouldn't have found anywhere else. It's this exceptional support that I believe is the greatest value APB offers to professional builders like myself.

I cannot recommend APB enough. APB has not just helped us refine our processes; they've helped us redefine our potential.

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