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I’m Jason Burgess, owner of Burgess Homes in Central Massachusetts, USA.

We specialise in new custom homes, anywhere from a small home to a large home typically with higher end finishes.

I Didn’t Know How To Move Away From Smaller Renovation Jobs

The biggest reason I was looking for APB is that I was doing a lot of smaller renovation jobs. I wanted to grow the business and focus on new construction homes, which is what I truly enjoy.

I just didn’t know how to get there, so I needed the guidance and the resources to get my sales process down to focus on those new homes and larger projects.

I looked into other options, read several books from other companies and mentors, and none of it really clicked for me.

APB Really Spoke My Language

When I started seeing the ads for APB, it was speaking my language. It seemed like they had all the answers I needed, so it just clicked for me.

I found APB online. I saw the pop-up ads, probably on Facebook I believe it was, and that’s where it really grabbed my attention with the content that was there. It just was so clear to me and seemed like it could really help.

Since joining APB, I’ve been able to streamline my sales process, which I was hoping to do. I wanted to get a written sales process and be able to confidently talk with customers and talk them through the steps involved in building them their own custom home.

So, it’s been a huge help for me.

My Average Contract Price Has Increased Tenfold

The best results of my new sales process since joining APB has definitely been selling preliminary agreements, which allows me to cover the cost associated with quoting out large projects. I’ve been able to sell much larger projects than I ever have before because of that. So, that’s been great.

Before I was with APB, my average project size was probably around US$40,000 and since implementing the content from APB, I’m seeing jobs averaging around US$400,000. So, it’s been a tenfold increase for me.

My margins are much better now. First of all, I know what my margins should be, thanks to all the modules online.

With all the new contracts, my margins are right where they need to be and I know I’m making money and things are looking good, and I can confidently grow the business knowing that I’m making money with each project that I sell.

It’s A Great Resource That’s Put Me So Far Ahead

I would definitely recommend the Association of Professional Builders to other contractors and builders. It’s an absolutely great resource and the training modules are easy to follow. They’re in a manner that’s really great for learning and you can go through them step by step. There are actionable items for each one, and downloadable templates and other things that just put me so far ahead that I would absolutely recommend it to other builders and contractors.

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