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Adlington Homes was first started by my father-in-law. My husband and I have been in the business for 30 years, and we’ve taken over running the business for the last eight years.

We were looking to improve our company; to get some support in exactly the areas that we needed. For example, we were working without processes and systems to the level that I think we needed.

Everything That Was Offered Was Exactly What We Needed

Over the years, we’d been involved in business projects or companies that would teach leadership, but we needed a company that specialised in the building niche. We needed help from a company that understood building and exactly what we were going through and could actually add value to our company by helping us put processes and systems in place.

Six months ago we were struggling to put a new level of processes in place in our business. Then my husband noticed your advertisement on one of my son’s games on his iPad. When you’re looking for information, it’s amazing that it just appears, and it was just the ideal time for us.

When we phoned APB, we found that everything that was offered was exactly what we were needing. It was lucky that we came across APB’s marketing. It was just there at the right time and in the right place.

APB Taught Us How To Move The Needle In Our Business

APB has made a big difference for us now; it’s changed the whole mindset of our business. Our business was working okay but didn’t have proper processes. APB has really opened us up to working with systems and processes.

We’ve put in place a lot of the things we’ve learnt through APB. It’s given us a lot of confidence about what we actually had in place and who we were. But we didn’t really know how to execute things.

Some of the most important things for us have been the blueprint and the fact that we can actually go online and download templates. I really value the Facebook group, because we get to speak to like-minded businesses and builders, to ask for advice and to get feedback. As the Facebook group is a worldwide community, we get to see how things are done in Australia as well as overseas.

We all learn differently, so having the online resources allows us to access the material in our own time. Being able to download things is fantastic, but also being able to have our questions answered live is fantastic.

It’s taught me how to move the needle in our business. For example, I think we were working very much in the business and not on it. APB has given us a plan to actually change things. My word for the year is to ‘execute’. For example, when we received your blueprint and when APB has suggested different apps that we can use, we have implemented them straight away.

One thing I’ve learned is that you can read a lot of things, you can listen to a lot of things, but nothing changes your business unless you implement it.

APB has impacted our business and given us the confidence to be a custom home builder. It’s given us tools to set a sales process in place and it’s given us scripts that we can use. It’s given us tools that are practical, that are real and that do move the needle in the business.

We have support at any time; we can ring up, we have information online and we have the group online. It’s really just up to me to use all of APB’s facilities 100%.

My challenge is to be confident to be seen, to be vulnerable and to ask questions, to know that there’s support there. When you are in business you can feel very alone; it’s really hard work, with many hours, and it can be quite isolating.

Using APB To Its Full Potential

My challenge is to use APB to its full potential; to reach out even more, because there are so many gold nuggets in APB’s resources, and I just need to implement everything.

We’ve already used the APB blueprint to set up a process where, if an email comes in, straight away we’ll fill out all the information. Of course, all that information comes back, and then we’ve set up the APB process. A secretary in our office, within five minutes of us setting up the system, said, “Oh, we have all the information, the client is booked!”. It was a wonderful moment for our company when we realised that we had such a good process. We got all the information we needed, everything was there, and it seemed quite easy.

So, we were just thrilled. We really didn’t know how to market or understand the value that we had in our business.

Everybody Needs Support

I would absolutely recommend APB. I already have recommended them online, and I know that at least one person has joined up because of my recommendation. Everybody needs support, and that was definitely the case with us. I’ve learned that there is support out there, you just need to access it.

I really value the tools and the support, and the information from APB that I can actually implement in our business is excellent. I can see ourselves working smarter, getting better results and becoming more confident. Setting up a company that has systems and processes is totally new for me, but I’m embracing these changes.

We had a moment that might be familiar to other businesses, where we realised that some of our clients are watching shows like “The Block”. They think things are going to happen in a week; we had lots of different enquiries where clients expected things to be done so quickly.

One more thing we have learnt from APB is the confidence to qualify or disqualify clients. There were many new terms and new ideas that were very new to me. But APB is teaching us about selling and about how can make our business work.

APB has given us a sales process for our company that we love very much, that will help us to continue to build the beautiful custom homes that we have for years. It’s given us the support to understand how to sell our business, how to be proud of our business, and also how to look after ourselves and be profitable.

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