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I'm Graham Salan from Sherbrooke Design and Constructions, based in Mount Waverley. For 30 years, I've been in partnership with Robert Dreschel.

Our journey with APB started somewhat unexpectedly, from a simple Facebook post about Pricing 4 Profit. Intrigued, we spoke with Russ from APB and, after a couple of weeks of consideration, decided to sign up.

Before APB, we were stuck. Despite being busy, we weren't making the profit or the quality impact we aimed for. We were caught in the trap of valuing quantity over quality, and it was clear something had to change.

The APB Turning Point

Joining APB marked a significant turning point for us. One of their first impacts was helping us identify and focus on our niche, alongside understanding the importance of net margin and Pricing 4 Profit. These weren't just concepts; they were practical tools and strategies that transformed how we approached our business model.

With APB's guidance, we revamped our systems and processes, not only improving our company's internal workings but also how we interacted with clients. This professional development gave us the clarity and efficiency that we had been missing for years.

A Partnership Strengthened

Sherbrooke Constructions, being a partnership, has its unique challenges, especially in aligning decisions and directions. APB became an invaluable mediator and advisor for us, offering an external perspective that helped us find common ground and clear paths forward. Their industry-specific understanding meant they spoke our language, making their advice not just applicable but tailored to our specific needs.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since working with APB, the change has been remarkable. Our pricing structure has been revamped to focus on net margin, leading to a significantly improved bottom line. But more than just financial metrics, APB has helped us become more professional and confident in our market positioning.

Today, we have a solid book of work, nearly 12 months of builds lined up, and nine months of forward orders—a testament to the effectiveness of our partnership with APB.

For Builders, By Builders

What sets APB apart for us is their commitment to builders. They understand the challenges we face, the language we speak, and the goals we aspire to achieve.

To any builder feeling stuck or looking to refine their business, we can't recommend APB highly enough. Their professionalism and industry focus have not just made us better builders; they've transformed how we see our business and our place within the industry.

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