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APB Members can receive a 10% rebate on the commissions Buy Invest Live earn from referred clients when they register their interest here first.

Are you looking for a mortgage broker who understands the nuances of the construction industry?

Do you want to help your clients get approved quickly and efficiently?

Buy Invest Live specialises in providing fast lending pre-approvals, so you can move forward with your client’s designs, new builds, and renovations without delay.

About Buy Invest Live

Here is a breakdown of Buy Invest Live’s services:

  • Pre-Approval Consultation: Comprehensive pre-approval consultations, to help your clients quickly assess the options available to them and make the best decisions for their project.
  • Interest Rate Risk Management: Sophisticated risk management strategies to ensure clients are in a better position to handle potential interest rate fluctuations during their build.
  • Construction Loan Packages: Loan packages that enable banks to make staging payments to the builder, and draw down funds throughout the duration of the project.
  • Equity Release Strategies: Access to the equity tied up in their existing property, to increase borrowing capacity and fund a new build or renovation project.
  • Refinancing Solutions: Helping clients save money on their current loans, as part of a construction approval.
  • Self-Employed and Low Doc Lending: Tailored lending solutions for self-employed individuals, freelancers, and low doc applicants, so they can get the financing they need to start building or renovating.
  • Tax Effective Strategies: Structuring borrowing in a strategic and tax-efficient way, so your clients save money on their loans in the long term.
  • Access to Specialised Lenders: Access to a range of specialist lenders with exclusive products and competitive rates, so your clients get the best finance package available. This includes those with a low credit score, no deposit via family guarantee, first home owner government incentives, deposit bonds, and self-managed super fund investments.

Register here to activate your reward now and find out more about how Buy Invest Live can help your clients get faster lending pre-approvals.

Special Terms & Eligibility

This reward is only available to new customers of Buy Invest Live that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB).

Existing Buy Invest Live customers are not eligible to receive this reward.


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