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APB Members can receive a 8% rebate on their CheckVault fees when they register their interest here first.

Secure Transactions Every Step of the Way

Secure your construction projects with CheckVault's trusted escrow services.

Why Choose Escrow Services for Construction?

In the construction industry, financial security is paramount. Escrow services ensure that your payments are protected and released only when work milestones are met, fostering trust and transparency between contractors and clients.

The CheckVault Advantage

Enhanced Cash Flow: Manage your project's cash flow efficiently, with funds released upon milestone completion.

Reduced Risk: Minimise financial risks associated with construction projects, ensuring funds are secure and disputes are resolved smoothly.

Build Trust: Establish a strong foundation of trust with your clients and subcontractors, knowing that payments are protected for all parties. Funds are held with the largest and oldest Australian Trustee, Perpetual Trustees.

How CheckVault Works for You

1. Set Up: Easily set up your escrow account tailored to your construction project's needs.

2. Milestone Payments: Define project milestones, variations, retentions and associated payments, ensuring clarity and agreement from all parties.

3. Fund Release: Upon milestone completion and mutual agreement, funds are released securely to the contractor.

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Special Terms & Eligibility

This reward is only available to new customers of CheckVault that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB).

Existing CheckVault customers are not eligible to receive this reward.


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