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Would You Trust Your Apprentice With A Million-Dollar Lead?

Imagine a lead popping into your inbox tomorrow. A hot lead. Someone willing to invest anywhere from $500k to $5 million into building a custom home with you. 

Would you send your apprentice out to talk to them? 

Of course not. 

Now consider this: Copywriting is essentially salesmanship in print via the written word. 

It boosts the click-through rate on your ads and the conversion rate from your website and emails. 

Now If you get 500 visitors to your website each month, and you convert 1% into a high-quality lead… that’s five leads a month. 

Yet if we can increase that by 50% via high-quality copy, we are looking at 7.5 leads a month. 

Or if we can double the conversion, that works out to 10 leads a month. 

That’s an extra 60 qualified leads a year. Or at a 1 in 5 conversion rate — an extra 12 jobs annually! 

What’s more…

When Your Copy Is On Point - They'll Be Higher Quality Leads

You’ll repel the prospects you don’t want. And attract your ideal match. 

So why is it, when there are dozens of people visiting your website each day, so many builders are willing to send an ‘online apprentice’ to meet with them? Especially when world-class copy has never been more critical.

Think about it: Until recently, prospective clients would grab three numbers out of the Yellow Pages, have three meetings, and then decide on one company to build their home.

Today they do 80-90% of their research online, and you don’t even get the phone call - UNLESS your online copy grabs their attention, separates you from your competition, and covers all their objections like budget overruns, communication breakdowns, quality concerns, and timeline delays. So… 

  • Is your website
  • Are your emails 
  • Is your social media content
  • Are your Google & Facebook ads

A world-class salesperson… or are they an apprentice letting dozens of high-quality leads each year fall through the cracks?

3 Reasons To Choose Copywriting That Sells

  1. In-depth research: The key to writing high-conversion copy is (as Robert Collier, one of the great advertising men of his day stated) to enter the conversation going on in your customer's mind. That’s why we often spend hours with builders (via our copy strategy guide) to understand the fears, pains, desires, and beliefs of their target market - together with your core story and unique selling proposition. 
  2. We write the copy in your voice: Your copy must sound like you, not like a copywriter. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect between your website, your emails, your ads, and when someone meets you in person. That’s why we interview you and have it transcribed before even putting pen to paper. 
  3. Emotional direct response copy: Our copy is superior for generating high conversion rates, because it speaks directly to your prospects, addressing their deepest needs, fears, and desires. As a builder, you’re in the business of creating dreams where people’s lives unfold, so it’s critical to tap into the emotional reservoir of your audience rather than simply listing the features of what you do. This method is far more persuasive and effective because people make decisions based on emotion and justify them with logic.
Our Track Record

We’ve helped dozens of builders step up their “salesmanship in print” game - including Stannard Family Homes, Enduro Build, David Prior Homes, Unique Residence, Timber Home Specialist, Nomad Built, Scott O’Hara Construction, Lux Homes, Lux Lifestyle Homes, Conscious Constructions, Tribuild, Trendsetter Homes, Vivo Homes, Avvio Homes, Chateau Architects and Builders, CKS Projects, Edwards Family Homes, Monarch Constructions, New Fangled, Patton Building, Warrington Homes, Pro Duplex, Victor Myers Homes, and many others.

If you’d like us to take the insurmountable amount of information in your head, and put it down on paper in a way that creates authority and lands more high-margin building contracts without being salesy register here to activate your reward today.

Special Terms & Eligibility

This reward is only available to new customers of Copywriting That Sells who are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB). Existing customers of Copywriting That Sells are not eligible to receive this reward.


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