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How many tools, systems and spreadsheets are you using to manage your clients and projects?

There is nothing wrong with good ol’ spreadsheet, until you can’t find what you’re looking for and must dig through email inboxes and folders on your computer.

Kick Consulting worked with several Australian, New Zealand and US based builders to create best-practice, easy to use CRM and Project Management solution utilising platform.

About Kick Consulting tailor-made construction solution:

Kick’s construction solution allows you to use one tool as a source of truth for all your CRM and Project needs. It’s cloud-based and mobile friendly, so you can access it from anywhere.

About the features:
  • With 200+ available integrations, monday will bring information from multitude of tools into one source of truth. No more flicking webpages and apps to find if the customer signed the contract if CD has been approved or the invoice has been paid.
  • Custom-build construction solution will streamline your sales and project management delivery, budgets and resource planning, removing any manual and duplicated data entry.
  • Tailor-made Construction CRM ready to use with an enquiry form for your website, so your enquiries go straight into your CRM. No more overflowing inbox.
  • 30,000-foot view of all your projects and phases to make sure you know what on-time is and what is behind.
  • Automated task creation based on project and job templates, so your staff never miss a step, and you can rest assured that everything gets done on time.
  • Projects financial analysis helping you see at a glance which jobs are profitable.
  • Real-time time tracking for your team.
  • Resource and capacity planning to ensure you have the right subcontractors available when needed.
  • Customisable LIVE sales and project dashboards to keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Solution with step-by-step training videos and
  • Champion training so you can easily scale and onboard new staff, saving time on needing to create SOP.
  • Roll out support so you know you aren’t on your own.

What sets them apart:
  • You can choose a DIY solution or engage Kick Consulting to customise it for you.
  • They will utilise their vast industry experience in the best way to achieve the results and reports you want.
  • They will be there to support you through every stage.

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