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Live Well, Build Well

Live Well, Build Well began in late 2022 to help residential construction workers improve
their mental health and wellbeing.

Live Well, Build Well is designed to help people cope better with the ups and downs of the building industry – workload, deadlines, labour and material shortages, market fluctuations. Many of these challenges are out of people’s control, so their focus is on giving people tools and strategies to help them find their inner strengths, which they can control.

Live Well, Build Well believes mental health is like physical health. It can leave people feeling well, unwell or
somewhere in the middle. The Live Well Build Well approach to improving mental health is positive and proactive. They focus on skills and habits people can use to build mental resilience, mind strengths, and to stay well.

Topic areas include managing everyday workplace pressures, healthy thinking strategies, having better mindsets, and mind/body approaches, where physical activities like cold water plunges, breathing techniques, sleep, nutrition, body conditioning and rest, and recovery, can strengthen the mind.

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