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APB Members can receive a 6.4% rebate on their ProCalc fees when they register their interest here first.

About Go ProCalc

ProCalc is a client budget validator for Builders to run a project feasibility in just 15 minutes from their desktop.

In just 15 minutes online, ProCalc means you:

• Stop Wasting Time on Tyre Kickers Who Can’t Afford Their Projects

• Get Your Pricing Right – Never Under-Quote Again Based on Industry Pricing

• Win A+ Client Jobs That Drive Robust Profits to Your Bottom Line

• Attract Architects You’d Prefer to Work With (You Audition Them)

• Easily Re-calculate Project Scope Reductions in Minutes (With the Client)

• Charge for Your Very First Meeting With Clients (then again later for prelims and detailed quotes)

ProCalc is a game-changing application that will help you reclaim 2-4 days a month you didn’t know you were wasting.

Its feasibility reports are based on thousands of real builders’ costings from all over Australia, catering for custom residential builds including renovations, extensions, and new.

Created by a builder, ProCalc’s algorithm is updated every 30 days to provide the latest pricing intelligence to residential builders – using builders costing methods.

To test ProCalc’s numbers, to take free trial and compare it to your existing project estimates. Register to activate your reward now.


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