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APB Members can receive an 8% rebate on their investment in Smarter Websites services by registering their interest here first.

Land High-Margin Building Contracts: Websites Engineered For Lead Generation

Unlike typical web agencies fixated on branding and aesthetics, Smarter Websites focuses on what truly matters – generating and qualifying new leads. Our approach is not about creating an online brochure; it's about building a dynamic, interactive platform (with integrated marketing strategies & automation tools that comply with APB standards) that actively work to grow your business.

Online Brochure vs. Lead Generation Website

An online brochure is a passive display, a digital version of a printed brochure that waits to be seen. In contrast, a Smarter Website is a lead generation engine designed to engage visitors, capture their interest, and convert them into qualified leads. With our strategic design and copywriting partners, your website becomes a proactive participant in business growth, attracting more leads, filtering out tire-kickers, and connecting you with quality clients.

Turning Casual Visitors Into Clients

Building trust is crucial in the residential building sector. Our websites can seamlessly integrate with sophisticated CRM systems, ensuring every visitor's experience is meticulously tracked and personalised. This fosters long-term trust, turning casual browsers into committed clients. 

5 More Reasons To Choose A Smarter Website

1. Built-in lead generation (integrated via SmarterCRM) that converts visitors into potential clients: so you enjoy a steady stream of new opportunities to land high-margin building contracts.

2. Directly integrates Google reviews: when integrated with Smarter CRM you’ll leverage positive feedback to build trust with new visitors, without additional effort on your part.

3. SEO-optimised option to ensure you dominate local online search rankings: leading to increased traffic and potential leads from your ideal clients.

4. Establishes your business as the top, undisputed choice in your field: increasing your market authority and attracting higher-quality clients who trust your expertise.

5. Features a stunning gallery to showcase your custom homes: so your projects visually captivate potential clients, making a memorable first impression that sets you apart.

High-performing websites not only attract more leads but also filter out less serious inquiries, saving you time and connecting you with higher-quality clients. 

Ensure your website delivers the best possible user experience, guiding prospects through an ideal customer journey that pre-sells them on your services before they even contact you.

The end result? More leads, higher conversion rates, and clients that are easier and more satisfying to work with.

That’s why we’ve received such incredible five star reviews from clients including including HDMB, Stannard Family Homes, Highwater Homes, David Prior Homes, Vivo Homes, Unique Residence, Timber Home Specialist, Nomad Built, Avvio Homes, Coy’s Constructions, Gaia Constructions, CKS Projects, Edwards Family Homes, Monarch Construction, Surfside Homes, Williams Designer Homes, Timber Homes Specialist, New Fangled, Patton Building, Warrington Homes, Pro Duplex, Victor Myers Homes, TCM Construction and many others.

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This reward is only available to new customers of Smarter Websites that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB). Existing Smarter Websites customers are not eligible to receive this reward.


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