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APB Members can receive an 16% rebate on their Wunderbuild Software subscription when they register their interest here first.

Existing Wunderbuild customers who are members of APB can also claim this Reward for the subsequent monthly billing cycle when they register their interest here first.

Are you moving your projects from platform to platform for each stage?

Or worse, trying to manage it all from a spreadsheet?

Wunderbuild construction management software allows you to use one tool to manage everything in one place from take-off to final invoice.

About Wunderbuild

Wunderbuild is a cloud-based software designed specifically for Australia residential home builders to efficiently manage their projects.

What sets Wunderbuild apart is its dedicated team, whose aim is to ensure that the platform fully meets the needs of builders and their staff. Wunderbuild operates with a focus on listening, consulting, and taking action. Every day, Wunderbuild is expanding, driven by a commitment to becoming a trusted partner for every builder.

Some features include:

  • Streamlined project management: The platform helps builders to centralise project management by keeping all project-related data in one place, helping to improve project visibility, collaboration and efficiency.
  • Real-time tracking: Builders can track the progress of their projects in real-time. This can help identify potential issues or delays and take corrective action before they impact the project schedule.
  • Digital documentation: The software allows teams to create and store digital documentation such as contracts, change orders and project plans, helping to reduce paperwork and improve communication between team members.
  • Customisable dashboards: Wunderbuild provides customisable dashboards that allow users to monitor project status, financials and other important metrics. This helps project managers to make data-driven decisions and keep stakeholders informed.
  • Mobile accessibility: The software is accessible on mobile devices, allowing construction teams to access project data and collaborate on-the-go.

Manage projects more efficiently, reduce errors, and improve collaboration with Wunderbuild and register here to activate your reward now.

Special Terms & Eligibility

This reward is available for Wunderbuild customers that are current members of the Association of Professional Builders (APB).

APB members that are existing Wunderbuild clients are also eligible for the reward from the subsequent monthly billing cycle after completing this form providing they were not introduced by another affiliate.

Non-APB members are not eligible to receive this reward.


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