Who Should Book a Business Planning Workshop?

You’re feeling lost in the daily grind of your building company and don’t have a clear path forward

You’ve set goals in the past but never followed through with them, so you want a proven system for achieving what you set out to

You’re stuck working IN the business and want to start working ON it more often

Your accounts don’t make sense at the end of a month. Sometimes your profit is high, and other times it’s low, but you can’t figure out why

Your finances are keeping you up at night and you’re looking for clarity on where your building company could improve

You’re ready to invest in marketing your building company but not sure how much to spend on advertising or which channels will be most effective

Was an informative session - look forward to building on this moving forward.

Brad Marris

H&M Tracey

The workshop was very well planned and all elements were explained well. The tech gave ample time for questions and answers, it was a great learning experience!

Chad Harvell

Harvell Construction

The workshop In Practice

We start off by getting a thorough understanding of you and your business.

Your strengths and weaknesses, the company culture, why your business exists, who does what, your rituals and habits, and what you really want from the business in the medium to long term.

Business coach working on a laptop with a builder about their business plan
Construction business coach on a phone call discussing a builder's business plan

We then take you step-by-step through the

fundamentals of marketing a successful building company.

Including how much to spend on advertising and which channels are most effective for generating quality leads.

Next, we work with you to

understand your sales process and suggest changes

that follow the proven system our best-performing clients use to close high-margin contracts.

Executive business coach pointing to a builder's laptop during a business planning workshop
A worksheet being completed during a business planning workshop with The Association of Professional Builders

We then help you develop a deep understanding of your company’s financial position and what needs to change to

improve profitability and cash flow.

We wrap things up by

establishing a strategic direction for your building company.

Including setting goals and KPI targets for 3 years, 1 year, and the next quarter. You’ll also map out a succession plan to either sell the business or bring in a management team that will run it while paying you a dividend.

Construction business coach running a business planning workshop

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Gain Clarity On Your Building Company’s Future

Create a clear vision for your building company’s long-term future and document a foolproof step-by-step plan for achieving success.