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The best part of the program so far has been being able to implement the platform from APB to our existing building company rather than starting our business structure from scratch.

It’s been really eye-opening as to what our industry is, and also new ways that we can approach these things. It has affected our business by really understanding our industry much better than what we do. It’s enabled to give me a bit more drive and direction as to where I want to take the business.

Some of these things that we’ve learned so far would be how our clients actually see us. We tend to focus on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it but changing the way that we present ourselves to attract the right client has probably been the biggest thing that I’ve understood so far.

The way this has effected our business is that we’ve started implementing structures and processes that actually work for the type of clientele that we’re trying to attract.

We’re Learning How To Attract Our Ideal Clients

Our biggest challenge before we joined the Mentoring Program would be attracting the clientele that would allow us to build the projects that we want to build.

We’ve been lucky enough to build a lot of variety of projects that now we sort of know what we want to achieve on a daily basis and being able to direct our marketing toward those clientele. We’ve already started getting more inquiries and the best part is that we are now learning how to handle those inquiries.

At the moment, we’re working on tailoring our marketing and advertising to our direct clientele. This is going to help us by increasing the amount of good inquiry from our customers and increase our workload. And if not increased, at least make it consistent.

We Have The Right Support To Implement These Changes

I haven’t found it difficult to implement APB’s strategies and processes and training. It’s challenged us to think about the way that we’re doing things and the way that we need to be doing things to move forward.

Whether it’s been difficult to implement, I wouldn’t say difficult because you have the training and support to do so, but it is challenging. To achieve these challenges, we’ve been contact with our coach, And also we’ve got the portal online that helps us with the information that we need and how we can present it.

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