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I'm Trevor Salter, the director of Salter Builders in Nelson, New Zealand. About five years ago, I found myself at a critical point in my building career.

Despite years of hard work, the outcomes weren't meeting my expectations, and disillusionment had set in. I was seriously considering leaving the industry altogether, a thought that weighed heavily on me.

The APB Decision

During this period of contemplation, I kept receiving emails from APB. Driven by a mix of curiosity and a sense of 'what do I have to lose?', I decided to delve deeper into what APB offered.

That decision marked the beginning of a significant turnaround for Salter Builders. I embarked on a business coaching journey with Andy from APB, a step I've never regretted.

Implementing Changes

The changes we implemented in the business, guided by APB's coaching, had almost immediate effects. Our profit margins began to increase as we integrated more of APB's processes into our operations. These adjustments weren't just superficial; they targeted the core of our business model, enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Five Years of Growth

Fast forward five years, and the landscape of Salter Builders has transformed dramatically. We're now doing eight times the turnover we did when I was contemplating leaving the industry.

This growth isn't just about the numbers; it's about the impact. We've doubled our employment, providing more jobs and contributing more significantly to our community. The revenue boost is just one part of this success story.

Ongoing Support and Learning

What stands out about APB, beyond the initial improvements, is the ongoing support. Every month, we receive a new module to work through, allowing us to continually refine and improve our processes.

This opportunity for constant learning and reassessment ensures that we're always moving forward, and always optimising.

If you are a builder feeling uncertain or stuck, then APB is the perfect solution for you. The guidance, support, and resources that we received from APB have been instrumental in helping Salter Builders achieve success.

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